An Enemy-Loving God

This week we learned that our God is an enemy-loving God and Jesus asks us to be the same. This is yet another example of how His Kingdom is so different than the kingdom of the world. The difficult task of loving our enemies becomes possible as we receive God's love and surrender to His ways (Matthew 5:38-48; Mark 10:42-45; Mark 15:24-27).

Yes Yes, No No

Jerry Williams teaches on oaths and vows out of Matthew 5:33-37.  As followers of Jesus, we should never feel the need to manipulate others through how we communicate.  Our words to one another should be a representation of how God communicates to us.  We can always trust that what God says is true and take Him at His word.

The Heart of the Kingdom Part II

This week we returned to Jesus' magnum opus - The Sermon on the Mount. Pastor John gave us an overarching picture of His teaching when He calls us to be salt and light and to be righteous of heart (and so fulfilling the law). Then Jesus teaches on divorce. His heart is for us to have and create families that display what His kingdom and character is like. (Matthew 4:17; Matthew 4:23-25; Matthew 5:31-32: Mathew 19:3-9)

The Restoration of Peter

Have you ever done something in your life as a Christian or sinned so badly that you had the thought, “Jesus might be done with me after that one?”  In this sermon, Mark Heger discusses one of the worst sins that was ever committed against Jesus while He was here on earth, and how Jesus responded to it. If you have ever struggled with guilt, shame, or hopelessness in your relationship with Jesus, then this sermon might be for you! (John 13, John 14, John 21)

Easter Sunday


This Sunday we celebrated the Good News that Jesus died and rose again to conquer sin and death. Easter allows us to celebrate the Good News that God is love, that Jesus is the King and that He saved us to share His life on the way to Heaven (Matthew 28:1-10; Philippians 2:9-11; John 3:16; Romans 5:6-8: Romans 8:31-39; John 17:1-3).