The existence of Normandy youth is that every students comes to know Jesus.  This is a relationship.  We don't mean just know the name, we mean know Him personally.  Join us as we share the love of Jesus with Every Student In Lake Highlands!

Our hope to reach every student in Lake Highlands is accomplished in three ways:

1) Wrecked Nights - Wrecked Nights are a bi-monthly bible study that include fun, worship, and the Word.
2) Discipleship - The youth take the great commission seriously.  1 on 1 relationships that go deeper into obeying the word of God.
3) Super Wrecked Nights - Super Wrecked Nights are when all of our wrecked groups gather to party, hear the word, and win cool prizes


A youth wrecked for Jesus are changed forever.  Totally transformed, a new creation, and a light in a dark place.  Come to our Wrecked Nights to have more fun than you've ever had and hear about Jesus.