Church in the Parking Lot

Hello Normandeers! 
Ready to take the land? Let's start with a little bit of concrete. 
This Sunday, we will be meeting at 9660 Audelia, Ste 228 for our Sunday Service. Why? Because we feel God wants us to pursue this space to use for His glory. God calls us to be persistent in our prayers and this Sunday we plan to get bold in our pursuit.  
Here's the plan: We will start our morning at normal time, 10:45 AM, and stay about an hour. Music is a must as is coffee, so worry not; we will have both. Our fearless leader, John Bower, will cast vision for our time and give us a small tour of the building. We will break into smaller groups with the intention to pray and wait on the Lord. Hearing from God is imperative in gaining vision and we need more! We hope to hear what the Lord is saying and hear what He has for us. There will be a good amount of time to process and pray so when the time comes, please share! After church in the parking lot, we encourage everyone to grab lunch in the area with your small group. 
Feel free to bring your own chair but we will be walking/standing so wear comfortable clothing and bring a stroller for your little ones. There is a small chance of rain so having an umbrella on hand might be wise. 

If you are interested in more information about our desire for this meeting space, check out this building update on the blog. See you Sunday!